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Chase Grid - Canadian Joey Fan - 09-10-2014 10:47 PM

I love the new chase format. I wasn't a big fan or watching Jimmie ride around because he needed a 27th place finish to clinch in the final race past year. To put it in perspective think of it this way, imagine your about to watch the superbowl but one team has a 50 point lead before the game even starts. I'm definitely a fan of the new system. Nobody can hide now . You can't sit back and ride around anymore. You gotta race!

RE: Chase Grid - 22forLogano - 09-14-2014 06:13 PM


RE: Chase Grid - jlogano22 - 09-16-2014 02:58 PM

Same here, love it

RE: Chase Grid - Canadian Joey Fan - 09-17-2014 06:21 AM

The new system is exciting and fun. If you don't like it then you don't like exciting and fun things lol. Every other sport comes down to play offs and eliminations. Nascar is the only sport that basically just had a regular season before the chase started. Imagine the NFL without the super bowl or the the NHL without the stanley cup play offs. The Chase grid is a game changer that will add excitement to Nascar for years to come

RE: Chase Grid - great14 - 08-14-2015 09:47 AM

Interesting stuff.

RE: Chase Grid - Canadian Joey Fan - 11-16-2016 04:46 AM

2 out of 3 years Joey in the finL 4#!