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Full Version: My Logano collection
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This collection has taken me some great lenghts to put together.Enjoy

2009 Gold Elite 23/24,2009 QVC Gold 23/24 and 2010 ARC gold 12/24
[Image: Logano20001-1.jpg]

2009 Color Chrome 48/120- 2010 Color Chrome 33/48
[Image: Logano20008.jpg]

2009 RW Elite 18/628 2009 ARC RW # 728
[Image: Logano20004-1.jpg]

2009 Advance Run Gunmetal 2010 Gunmetal 3/24
[Image: Logano20002-1.jpg]

2009 ARC BrushMetal # to 468 2009 RW BrushedMetal # to 50
[Image: Logano20006.jpg]

2009 Bronze Elite 24/24 2010 Flashcoat Silver #398
[Image: Logano20007.jpg]

2009 RCCA Club # to 300 2009 Elite #1000
[Image: Logano20015.jpg]

2009 White Gold Elite 2/25
[Image: Logano20016.jpg]

2010 Nickle 12/24
[Image: Logano20018.jpg]

1 of my fav 1's 2010 Elite 20/120(door Number)
[Image: Logano20009.jpg]

[Image: Logano20014.jpg]

2008 ARC Black ProtoType (MA deiced not to produce this 1,Bad timing) 1 of 6

[Image: Logano20017.jpg]

Hear's a custome display case,My friend built for me,I should have it sometime in June.

[Image: LoganoCabinet.jpg]
Fantastic collection Mike, would be great to see some of these special cars on track one of these days.
It would be great,But alot of these cars are special finish cars,Non race cars,But they sure do stand out.
Good Looking Collection, Like the ProtoType!
(05-03-2010 01:27 PM)JoeyLoganoFan Wrote: [ -> ]Good Looking Collection, Like the ProtoType!

It's diffently 1 of my favs.
Love it!!!
Thanks,Thank god my wife doesn't know how much i have spent lol.
Hahahaha don't worry. Your secret is safe with us! Smile
very NiCE!!!!!!
(05-07-2010 07:11 PM)derekmcc Wrote: [ -> ]very NiCE!!!!!!

If you can make me a 2009 Dover Crash Car,I would love it.

That crash put him on every am news for 2-3 days and on ESPN all week.

He received alot of attion,From that flip.I am just glad he was ok from it
(05-07-2010 04:40 PM)rawrgoeskayla Wrote: [ -> ]Hahahaha don't worry. Your secret is safe with us! Smile

She knows that i spend money on them,But she never realy ask questions,The bills are paid,

I just don't freely tell her how much,They where,Why do i need another headacch lol.
WOW! I love your collection.
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