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Full Version: Shelby American - February 28, 2010 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway Race Talk
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Weekend Schedule

SPEED 02|26|10 3 p.m. Shelby American practice
SPEED 02|26|10 6:30 p.m. Shelby American qualifying
SPEED 02|27|10 1:30 p.m. Shelby American practice
SPEED 02|27|10 2:30 p.m. Shelby American final practice
FOX 02|28|10 3 p.m. Shelby American Race

Videos Related to Weekend

Joey Finished 13th last year at this, he really seems to do well on the tracks with smoother surfaces, I can easily see a top 10 here Big Grin What do you guys think?
Oh yeah for sure, 13th the first time out showed he adapted to this track right away. A top 10 is well within reach.
Top 5?! :] I'm sure we'd all love that.
Looking for a top 10 here also looking to stay in the top 12 in points
I'm thinkin' he'll use that knowledge he's got from studyin Junior all this year and last year and when he was growin up and roll to a top 10 finish.
I see another top 5 coming for sure.
From here on in i expect a top 5 every race! for the rest of his career!! lol
Hope Joey has another great run at Las Vegas this coming weekend and I believe he will. Another top 5 would be nice but a win would be even better yet! Go get em Joey!
Quote:Logano Quotes: "I’m feeling pretty good about the start so far. We need to continue to improve like we have the first two races and keep the momentum going. That’s what we need to do every week. I think what made a huge difference is I am able to give Zippy (crew chief Greg Zipadelli) better feedback now on what the car is doing and he did an awesome job adjusting on it last weekend. Plus the guys have just been amazing in the pits. We were able to keep up with the track and tune on the car all race which put us in the top five at the end. It’s such a feeling of accomplishment for the entire Home Depot Team. I know it’s early, but we’re ninth in the standings and didn’t put ourselves in a hole like last year. Now we need to keep it up."

On Las Vegas: "Las Vegas is one of the tracks I enjoyed racing on the most last year. It was the bright spot during a tough start to the season. Last year the goal was to keep our nose clean and run every lap, which we did and it was one of the tracks that we adapted to well. If last week’s improvements are a sign of what’s to come, this should be a pretty good weekend for us."
Sounds like a very confident young man who knows what he's doing!
I agree. I expect him to compete for a very good top 7.
(02-23-2010 08:52 PM)20forLogano Wrote: [ -> ]I agree. I expect him to compete for a very good top 7.

I'm shooting for a solid top 8.23
Haha I'm with you Gregg!
Joey Logano’s car hauler passes by fans during a parade of NASCAR haulers on the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010.
[Image: 20+Car+Hauler.JPG]
Ahh that's so cool! Kyle posted one on Twitter last night of his trailer passing buy.
Good start to the weekend. Let's hope they get some practice in to tune on the car even more and make it even better.
[Image: During+Q.jpg]
[Image: Standing+next+to+car.jpg]
[Image: Standing+next+to+car.jpg]
Just uploaded the qualifying video, check out the first post! Big Grin
I like the look of the 20 car for today. Let's hope Biffle stays clean in the beginning!!!!
Cool pics, it's going to be a great race. I'm going to have my tv on split screen watching the gold medal hockey game and the race.
Joey and Zippy pre race

[Image: Pre-Race.jpeg]
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