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Full Version: Members List Display Change
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Just a small display change, when you click on "members list" it will now display the members post count in descending order by default. Before this change it displayed the members list by order of Join Date. Also the number of members displayed is now 10 members instead of 20 per page.

It's a small fix, but in my opinion its nice to acknowledge those with high post counts, it kinda of gives a goal for those who want to get to the first page on the members list Wink
Good ideaSmile
I think that sounds like a good plan.
That sounds very cool, Jean! You come up with really creative things to add :]
Thanks, I constantly keeping thinking it can get better Big Grin

I have some new features I am thinking of that I want to add in the future, but I am holding back until we have more members to make it worth while. Big Grin
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