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Full Version: Which team will win Super Bowl XLIV?
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I don't really watch American Football but just thought I'd post to see what your guys thoughts are, and who you are cheering for.
I don't watch American Football either :]
Football, yes! But, that's just soccer.
Hopefully we can get the NASCAR guys to chime in like they did last year Big Grin

I'm hoping the Colts. But don't care who wins to be honest. It would be cool to see New Orleans win after what that city went through. But I love watching Peyton play. He is just amazing to watch .
I don't have a team in it so I am hoping for a great game and I think we will see that
Even tho the saints are a coast team here. Gonna be for the Colts!
well i started wanting the saints to win, but now im all for the colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i just wish the patriots were in the superbowl,but oh well =\
(02-07-2010 12:19 PM)joeyloganofanxo20 Wrote: [ -> ]i just wish the patriots were in the superbowl,but oh well =\

Me too. Maybe I'd actually watch it if they were.
yeah itd be nice to see them win another superbowl
Freeney being limited tonight will be an issue
Colts. Since I hate the Kardashians and anyone associated with them, Reggie Bush, I am voting for the Colts.

And these commercials are so funny. So far I like the NCIS Headslap commercial.
Saints are the Ain'ts no more.
Wow. What a game that was.
I didn't watch it, lol.
Yay Saints! The game was pretty good, but the commercials sucked!
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