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Full Version: Like vs Thanks Button
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I am going to add a new button to the forum, but I want to get your vote on this, its a small detail really.. but still I would rather see what you guys prefer.

Update: If you like both the "like" and "thanks" button, you can select them both, as this is a multi-choice voting poll.
Poll will close in 7 days from now and I will setup the feature that gets voted.
My vote's for the Like button! Woohoo. How cool would that be. It'll be like facebook!
How bout an easy button? lol..No the like one is good. I like that one.
i'd like to have a thanks button lol
Err thanks button
I'm seeing "Add Thank You" buttons :]!
Working on this right now ;-)
Hahaha. Now I'm seeing Like buttons!
Jean, I'm on medication for Bronchitis right now and I'm already a little loopy. Hahahha. This is too amusing!
Okay guys based on your feedback I've added the Like button, So go ahead and have fun with this feature, and please report if there are any errors with it Big Grin

Feedback is very much welcome, whether it be positive or negative all feedback is welcome Big Grin
Hahhaa, it's so cool! I'm going to go and "like" a bunch of posts now! ...Not because I'm immature or anything, I just want to make sure there aren't any kinks that need to be worked out ;]
I think I am addicted now to this "like" button Hehe!
Yes it is quite addicting Big Grin
I haven't been here in a while, and I see it.

Nice to see who likes your posts. Kind of like what's on the board.
I like the like button thanks
Ahaha I like it too!
Just to show how addicted to the like button I was, I liked Jean's status above :]
It's so addicting, I would like not only like everyone posts but my own as well hahaha
i would like both a like and a thanks post
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