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Track Specifications:
Track/Race Length: 1.5-mile D-shaped oval, 267 laps, 400.5 miles
Banking in turns...variable (17-20 degrees); previous banking: 15 degrees
Banking on front stretch... 10 degrees; previous banking: 10.4 degrees
Banking on back stretch... 5.5 degrees; previous banking: 5 degrees
Straights: front stretch - 2,721 feet; Backstretch - 2,207 feet
Asphalt surface is 55-feet wide
Pit Box Size 30'x18', 44 individual pit stalls
Pit Road: 1,573 feet long, 60-feet wide
Attendance: 81,779, 68 luxury suites
Seating: approx. 74,000 in the grandstands
Camping: approx. 2,400 spaces
Repaved & Reconfigured: Summer 2012
Opened: 2001

May 2016 Race Winner: #18-Kyle Busch, Toyota, 141.909mph, started 6th

October 2015 Race Winner: #22-Joey Logano, Ford, 135.792mph, started 14th

The Car:
[Image: nascar-cup-chicagoland-2016-joey-logano-...e-ford.jpg]
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