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Track Specifications:
334 laps, 501 miles
Superspeedway: 1.5-mile quad oval
Banking: turns: 24 degrees; straights: 5 degrees
Straights: Frontstretch - 1952.8 feet; Backstretch - 1360 feet
Grandstand Seating: 89,000 [down from 146,000 in 2009]

2016 May Race Winner: #78-Martin Truex Jr., 160.655mph
2016 May All Star Race Winner: #22-Joey Logano
2015 October Race Winner: #22-Joey Logano, 139.760mph

The Car:
[Image: C22682XP2JL-1.jpg]
Race postponed until Sunday, starting 10th
Hi Joey,

Bring home the checkered flag tomorrow.

Capt. Neil
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