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Full Version: Drive Sober 200 - Race Talk
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Track Specifications:
Superspeedway: 1.0-mile oval
Track/Race Length: 1.0 concrete oval, 400 laps, 400 miles
Banking: turns: 24°; straights: 9°
Straights: Front stretch - 1,076 feet; Backstretch - 1,076 feet
Pit Stalls: 43 stalls, 15 feet wide x 32 feet long
Grandstand Seating: 96,000 [was 113,000, 133,000 and 135,000, will be 85,000 in 2016]
Pit Road Speed: 35mph
Pace Car Speed: 45mph
Opened: 1969

June 2016 Winner: Erik Jones

The Car:
[Image: N22682XFZJL-1.jpg]
The race has been postponed until 10 am tomorrow, and Joey has decided not to run so he can focus on the cup chase, Ryan Blaney will be racing this car tomorrow
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