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Track Specifications:
a 2.45-mile paved road course.
90 laps, 220.5 miles (355 k)
It has 11 turns with a variety of banking in turns ranging from 6 degrees to 10 degrees.
The length of the front stretch is 2,141 feet and the length of the backstretch is 1,839 feet.
Watkins Glen International has hosted the race since 1986.
Grandstand seating capacity: 38,900
Opened: 1956
Repaved: in 1971, 1999 and 2015

2015 Race Winner: #12-Joey Logano

The Car: #12 Snap-On Tools Ford Mustang
[Image: 6d6c4355f5c2244feaba8677cc9f7ae0.jpg]
Starting on pole
[Image: 5550fdcdb3fcc2c32f705441eff5e15d.jpg]
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