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Track Specifications:
Superspeedway: 2.5 mile tri-oval
Track/Race Length: 2.5 tri-oval, 160 laps, 400 miles
Banking: turn 1: 14 degrees, [tunnel] turn 2: 8 degree, turn 3: 6 degrees;
Straights: Front - 3740 feet;
Long Pond (between turns 1 and 2) - 3055 feet;
North(between turns 2 and 3) - 1780 feet
Grandstand Seating: 70,000 [was 100,000]
Pit Road Speed: 55mph
Pace Car Speed: 65mph
Fuel Window: 33-36 laps
Last Re-paved: early 2012
Opened: 1974

The Car:
[Image: 13305052_10209593156927958_6576659555096814751_o.jpg]
Hi Joey,

Congrats to the Penske team for starting in the front row. Hope you have a great race tomorrow.

Capt Neil
Hi Joey,

Great getting a top 5!. Hard work and perseverance got you the Top 5. Keep it up as the first win is coming.

Capt Neil
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