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Track Specifications:
0.533-mile concrete oval
Degree of banking in corners: 24 to 30 degrees
Degree of banking in straights: 4 to 9 degrees
Straightaways: 650 feet long.
Concrete racing surface: 43 feet wide.
Bristol has two pits roads: 22 pit stalls on the front stretch and 21 on the back stretch
Pit Stall Size: 25.5 feet long, 15.5 feet wide
Pit Road Speed: 30 mph
Pace Car Track Speed: 35mph
Track Opened: 1960
First Cup race: 1961
Seating capacity: 153,000 [was 158,000 and 160,000]
April Race Winner: Joey Logano (Led All 300 Laps)
August Race Winner: Kyle Busch

The Car:
[Image: aBF9A3151.jpg]
Qualified 6th, starting 3rd in the second heat race
Didn't run very well, I just haven't been impressed with Brian Wilson at all
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