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Full Version: Hello, Logano Nation!
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My name is Ginger and I am a long-time NASCAR fan. Jeff Gordon has been my favorite driver since I started following the sport in 1993. Joey caught my eye in 2008, and I have enjoyed watching him mature as a driver. I have seen him win several times in person, especially at Bristol. Since Jeff announced his retirement, I have struggled with the decision of who to follow in 2016 and beyond. After the night race in Bristol this year, I realized that I enjoyed seeing Joey win, and that Joey reminded me a lot of Jeff. I purchased a Joey t-shirt at Martinsville, and will be ready to cheer him on in Daytona. I look forward to interacting with all of you in the future.
Hello all!!! I am new to this forum stuff but have been a fan of racing for a long time. Joey caught my eye back in 2009 and I've enjoyed following his career. Lots of pressure on him right now, I will certainly be cheering him on!!!!!
Welcome to the forum!
Hey Logano Nation it's race day ! My name is Lena and I have been watching Nascar since 1979 when I was a teenager I saw the first race on television at Daytona and have been a fan ever since . Its in my blood , I watch every single race every year ! The last live race I was at was texas motor speedway in 2012 . Dale, sr was my favorite in the early 80's until the tragic day he died, since then I keep a few favorites because losing dale, sr was like losing family. When Tony stewart handed joey the steering wheel I became a joey fan . I love how he races !!!! I love race day !!!! Go # 22
Welcome to the forum
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