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Full Version: Justin Wilson
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RIP Justin Wilson. The driver of the #25 Andretti Autosport car in the IndyCar series died today after being injured in a crash at Pocono Raceway yesterday.

For those who haven't heard what happened, the #8 Ganassi car of Sage Karam was leading the race when his car broke loose in the middle of turn one. He spun into the outside wall and suffered minor injuries. As his car slid down the banking, it left behind a field of debris. One of the pieces of debris was the 32lb nosecone that attaches the front wing to the rest of the car. As this was tumbling down the track, the #25 of Wilson came through at speed, and the debris struck him in the helmet. Wilson was immediately knocked unconscious, and struck the inside wall at a high rate of speed. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital in Allentown, PA, where he died today.
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