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Full Version: New Logano Haul
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Well been a relatively quiet month (luckily) but still was able to acquire a few new things , was able to get another custom from doug @jeff24paul98aj43

2014 Joey Logano AAA Auto Club 1/24 ARC
[Image: b1339db996bb0047b9dbfc23506aa45c.jpg]
[Image: 9daa216eb37c0c470e914f539bb5f775.jpg]
[Image: 87b1f99256f12a7215cde8218a98ae09.jpg]
[Image: 6d38c3d4bc2bca7a8a6770613da49ff3.jpg]

And won this autographed d500 victory lane hat, it's different from the mass produced version.....
[Image: 7a9df0a02e3510d2f293d9e2022b64f5.jpg]
[Image: 0fd4ab1413f4f1e5d919b5a8959a8bc3.jpg]
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