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Full Version: 2015 Logano Diecast haul
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Well, these last few weeks have fun
I would say this is the most logano cars that have gotten released around one time

2015 Joey Logano Pennzoil Platinum 1/24 ARC
[Image: 06b3aa81bcabaec92da1681c8f5e6733.jpg]
[Image: 44516b9ebe6723494b8a81f42c72f79b.jpg]
[Image: 87f1595bdf09e180ed1d792b62147e3f.jpg]

2015 Joey Logano AAA Insurance 1/24 ARC
[Image: 37f0e87729d8b7b1d29a0b9fb495290b.jpg]
[Image: b5a75e018a0687a73401b616dfff3121.jpg]
[Image: 39a4521cc8c955fc8e081628398da84e.jpg]

2015 Joey Logano Discount Tire NXS 1/24 ARC
[Image: 6180442cce0bcd822eb3d9ac44f9a24c.jpg]
[Image: 022b4b8c5962830168cd437e1092c6e6.jpg]
[Image: 5cd389afe984ede9353163edab43eded.jpg]

2015 Joey Logano Hertz 1/24 ARC
[Image: 3ecb8156907da9afaf3c5c6399da78f8.jpg]
[Image: 747a7ee78eff04e92f1ce11180fe5225.jpg]
[Image: f72180eead9cc9479385137fcee65fae.jpg]

Here's the 2 mustangs next to each other
[Image: ec62c52d8fdcc44969d7372856996475.jpg]

And the 2 1/64 mustangs also arrived
[Image: bccd5e1203f7800805b16a6baadecd4b.jpg]
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