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Full Version: New custom raced win diecast add
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Well got this one from eBay this week, it's not perfect as it's missing a few little details and logos but overall it's a fantastic job

2012 Joey Logano Home Depot Pocono Win 1/24 ARC
[Image: 7b1d6fe3ff46d8577b655061aa05dec5.jpg]
[Image: 150e8e43c4f4a660bb7be5ab400a9713.jpg]
[Image: fa65afcd6840cb2ae998691e3fb65b6e.jpg]

So here's a game , who can tell me the 4-5 little detail/logos it's missing?

Bryan you can't answer lol[/u]
What's with the right side?
(10-16-2014 11:11 PM)Jean Wrote: [ -> ]What's with the right side?

That was they way it actually was, he shredded his tire or something and slightly damaged the fender, there's a few pics from the right side in VL where you can see it
wrong thread lol
all I see right away is the black window fin was orange on his car at pocono
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