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Full Version: Retro Non diecast add plus a free hat
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2007 Joey Logano Joe Gibbs racing oil autographed Sheetmetal, off of his winning car from adirondack speedway en route to his championship
[Image: a2b6dafa22923fdb1339ca5c96324545.jpg]

You may recognize it from the diecast released, here's mine that I've had for years
[Image: 3852877a7c87dce66d1791a9d1ff746f.jpg]

And also got this free Penske Auto trader hat from auto trader, can't say it's ever been released to the public
[Image: 476b50636d0ee055b698d353a77c8c96.jpg]
Cool, whered you pick up the sheet metal from?
(09-03-2014 08:16 PM)Jean Wrote: [ -> ]Cool, whered you pick up the sheet metal from?

Long lost land of eBay lol
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