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Full Version: changes and more changes
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Coming to Nascar and I like all of them. Cant wait for the season
qualifiying should be really interesting to watch, can't wait to see what the teams do with strategy.
I think the chase elimination is a great idea as well thats proposed. Shoukd be awesome Jean
I am all in favour of the changes too! i think it will add a lot more excitement and drama to the season finale instead of just watching Jimmie ride around for that much needed 24th place. A few have spoken out the most recent being Carl Edwards. The biggest complaint against it is that its not about the whole season anymore or even 10 races, its about one race now...NOT quite mr Edwards! apparently all those back flips have caused your brain to turn upside down. Its a combination of a complete season and that one race. 4 drivers are left in the finale, fine...YOU STILL HAVE TO RACE THE RACES ALL SEASON TO EARN THE RIGHT TO BE ONE OF THOSE FOUR DRIVERS!!!! like really? do you think when The NFL has their one big game at the end of the season that people say "well it wasn't fair that it wasn't Atlanta vs New England in last years superbowl because those are the two teams that had more wins all season!?? NOOOO they don't say that! its Play offs and its a clean slate. man how boring would sports be if they just played until the end of the season and crowned a champion based on the regular season standing...I just think of how dominate the Chicago Bulls were in the 90's they would have had the whole thing wrapped up months in advance lol. The whole thing is a great idea, having be where wins mean something, to the number of drivers to the eliminations, everything. Great job Nascar!
Just read that people are complaining that with the new system winniest driver Matt Kenseth would not have made the final 4. Oh boo hoo so what.. Does the winniest team from the regular season always make the superbowl no. Is it fair that its possible a team can dominate the entire season and have something as simple as a tire go down and lose it all? No its not but how is that any different then a football team winning all the games and losing on some flukey scenario with seconds to go. What about in Hockey? How often have the San Jose Sharks been the top team in the regular season and they have a hard time ever getting past the 2nd round. NASCAR fans have to learn to separate regular season from play offs. This new system will create excitement and the each race will mean something and the final race will be off the charts.
CJF, people who complain are people who dont like change. Winning should be worth everything. If you like consistent, then watch nascar re-runs. This is the new way to race and I for one think its awesome. Cant wait for season to get started next SaturdaySmile
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