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Full Version: happy new year
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To everyone. 1 week until testing! Cant wait for some racingBig Grin
Happy New Year!! Can't wait to see the cars back on track again, already missing it!
Happy new year to all bread heads
4 days baby! Love when the New Year turns because racing right around corner!
Yep. I'm starting to get that racing itch again!
(01-06-2014 09:53 AM)jdneel222 Wrote: [ -> ]Yep. I'm starting to get that racing itch again!

I was watching a youtube video the other day reminiscing on those engine noises Big Grin
Less than 1 day!
Hello and Happy New Year to all......been in Florida for 3 months,,,,came home on Jan 2,,,, just in time for the snow , sleet and rain.....we are Snow Birds,,, in reverse.....looking forward to racing also but I miss the Speed Channel,,,,do you think they will bring it back? gws
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