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Full Version: Award Banquet
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What station will the Awards Bangquet be on from Los Agneles? No more Speed.....I do see FS2 or FS 1......I hope I can get it on Cable TV here in Florida....gws
Gail Szyndlar
My understanding is that it is on friday night 8 or 9 pm eastern, but whether it is on fox sports or ESPN I do not know, and then is supposed to be rebroadcast on sunday afternoon, 1pm I believe.
You can go on Jayski's that will tell you, but I believe it is not ESPN but Fox Sport 1 or 2. That nobody gets. Hopefully it will show up on Youtube somewhere.
it's on fox sports 2 at 9, then re airs at 1 am on fox sports 1 for those that dont have 2 (like me lol)
Just was able to get on my computer again and see that the awards show is also supposed to be streaming live on And i think the re-broadcast is sunday at 1 pm, not am. Hope this helps! Looking forward to seeing Joey up there. BTW, his burnout in Vegas, on youtube, was alot of fun to see. Best of everything to you all for the Holidays, fans, team members, and Joey and family.
Cant wait to watch it tonight. Excited towatch our boy on stage
Thought Joey was as expected. A bit nervous for his first one but now the first one is done it will be old hand for him in the futureSmile cant wait to see him at the head table!

My computer did good and I was able to watch on Nascar. He was indeed a bit nervous in the beginning but he settled in and did great. Good speech, good jab at Tony Stewart. Look forward to good things next year!
Yes, I saw the whole thing on my Laptop too,,,it was great to be able to do that. Joey did OK for his first time, a little stllted but hey,,,,,practice makes perfect. Glad he introduced his fiancee, she looks very pretty, I wonder if she is Italian, she sort of looked it or maybe Spanish of some sort. Very Nice.....gws
No stab at Hamlin though.
How Can I Meet Joey Logano In USA
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Remember it is now or never till I get to USA to meet Joey Logano then have an autograph signed by Joey Logano and photos taken with Joey Logano!
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