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Full Version: 2014 Joey Logano Calendar!!!!! On Sale NOW!!!!
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Great ideal for the holidays ---- 2014 Joey Logano Calendar.

visit:; also coming soon, may purchase at (online store);

All profits (100%) to Joey Logano Foundation to help families in need.

Note: Joey was 100% hands on, making this calendar. You will not be disappointed.
Just ordered one a few days ago, it's a great project that Joey accomplished
Thanks for the link.

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How Can I Meet Joey Logano In USA
I have been trying to ask Joey Logano's wife Brittany Logano on Facebook to see if she can help me get to USA so I can have an autograph and photo session with Joey Logano in USA. But unfortunately she blocked me on Facebook because she did not know that I wanted to meet her husband Joey Logano in USA. Anyone have any ideas on how can I ask Joey Logano in USA? If you are interested in supporting this great cause, donate your money to

Remember it is now or never till I get to USA to meet Joey Logano then have an autograph signed by Joey Logano and photos taken with Joey Logano!
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