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Full Version: NASCAR is targeting Penske Racing
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I can tell you for certain Penske operates within the rules. They are literally scared of pushing the bounds as Roger specifically sets the expectation that no one does any funny business. If they have parts or pieces that failed tech or aren't within the spirit of the rules it is absolutely unintentional and with no malicious intent. They are the most straight-laces of any of the teams out there.

The real deal is NASCAR has been picking on the Penske organization since Daytona, with tech inspection delays that other teams don't receive, penalizing them with less practice time, among other things. This goes for both the 2 and the 22. Probably something to do with Brad Keselowski's rant in USA Today during the off season... This is sad to see....

-Anon Out
For sure Anon and thanks for the insight. Nascars integrity has been questioned for years and this is no suprise. I will be anxious to see this malicious outcome because Roger does not stand for this crap.
brad does seem to know how to get under nascars skin..................
Brad speaks his mind and is a champion. NASCAR doesn't like to be called out. That is issue at hand
Right on !!! People,drivers, need to be able to speak out if something is wrong, they shouldn't have to hide under the covers to protect NASCAR's (integrity)?????.....gws
Wow, hammered by Nastycar
Boy, they didn't have to take the points away,,,,,,gws
This is how the story goes, as I understand it. There were some complaints that the Penske cars weren't getting enough rear steer compared to the competition, which apparently was clear when out on the race track. So, they hap-haphazardly tried to quickly implement a system similar to what other teams are doing - they felt they were at a disadvantage not doing so. However, they didn't quite figure out how to pass through the pile of an alignment machine NASCAR is using this year for inspection (doesn't read the same numbers twice!). They failed a number of times and NASCAR asked to see their parts and they didn't like what they saw.
Sounds very accurate and thanks for the information. Lots of name calling out there but I agree they are a standup organization...Go Penske! Don't loose focus!
So the question now is this..... Who is going to get fired? You know Roger is pissed and he will not put up with this so who is the scapegoat? It's not going to be Paul Wolfe. Time will tell
i doubt he will fire either crew chief, though maybe an engineer or something
I doubt he will fire anybody at all. Roger Penske himself said they were working in the gray area and that the parts were approved prior to the race but that NASCAR said they altered them against the rule. Here is what he said, bits and pieces of the article by Jenna Fryer when she interviewed Roger.
Full article:

Roger Penske maintained Saturday his team was working in a gray area of the rule book when NASCAR confiscated parts from the cars of defending Sprint Cup champion Brad Keselowski and teammate Joey Logano.

"I certainly don't think it's cheating," Penske told The Associated Press on Saturday at the IndyCar race in Long Beach. "You are looking at the rules and you are working in a gray area. We all work in the gray areas. We're trying to be as competitive as we can be, we've got very creative minds and it takes a lot of creative minds to be competitive.

"There are many different areas we are all working on. We just looked at a particular rule that maybe NASCAR has a different view of. Now we'll get a chance to have an unbiased panel look at it."

Penske will appeal to a three-member panel.

He maintained the parts on both cars had been approved by NASCAR, but officials have accused the team of modifying them after approval.

"NASCAR has approved parts and unapproved parts. The parts that we had were approved parts, they are concerned that we modified them. That's where the discussion is," he said. "From an overall standpoint, NASCAR felt what we had provided them for approval then, these parts were different during the inspection process."

Penske said there was no prior warning from NASCAR that the team was potentially in violation of the rules, and that Logano's car had already cleared tech before inspectors called him back after taking parts from Keselowski's car. Logano barely made the start of the race, which Penske said was because of the way NASCAR conducted the inspections.

"He was late because he'd passed inspection, got called back, and we weren't even allowed to work on the car until Brad's car was through inspection," Penske said.

Penske didn't care if the organization was snitched on by another team, dismissing the rumor as "not important."

"One of the big things, the concern is, is that the penalties are very stiff. They were stiff," Penske said before finding a way to joke about the situation, "They went so deep, now my wife will have to call the races for the 2 car. Or I can bring the guys to the Indianapolis 500 and me and Cindric and my wife can get up on the stands in NASCAR."

"We have to appeal in order to get all your facts straight and have some time," Penske said. "We'll wait and see what the final verdict is, but in the meantime it's business as usual. This is a speed bump, one I don't like to have, but on the other hand, if we don't like the way they officiate, we don't have to run. Bill France told me that a long time ago.

"In my world, we take the penalty, we appeal it to the best of our ability, we take whatever those results are and move on."

So my take from this article is that Penske is going to fight this with all he has but has a back up plan if things don't go their way but also that he is in full support of his teams and believes that all parts are legal.
They will not get it turned, I wish but it doesnt happen. Someone will be the fall guy. Who does Joey get as his CC the the 6 races?
My thought on this crap...

I'm thinking the intent thing may get this overturned on appeal for both teams. Ditto for the 20 team. If Nascar is going to start allowing snitches to dictate the rules and penalties, then we have a real problem. Everyone knows who was behind it.

Not trying to excuse what actually happened, but the best teams push the limits. Roger Penske is a champion in Nascar and IRL for good reasons - his teams work hard and don't have a history blatant rules violations. Ditto for Gibbs.

If the 48 team can design a C Post that fails inspection (and that is as blatant as it gets folks) and then have it overturned on appeal (are you kidding me???), then the 22, 2, and 20 should expect the same courtesy. Yeah, like Chad Knaus is the epitome of integrity. Rolleyes
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