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Full Version: Joey in trucks:THIS WEEKEND
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Was going through the 3 entry lists this weekend and when on the truck one, noticed that logano is entered with the #19 BKR truck

sponsor is, Carbon Forged Reese Towpower

so we now know what his first truck race will be! lol
jean where the heck is his NW & truck schedule whats the hold up??
(EDIT: someone just said he will be doing trucks at kansas too)
I was just about to post about this. I am pumped now. Smile
I seen that on jayski, and also i looked on and seen he will be racing the truck race at Kansas on April 20th. so that is another one acording to his site.
I just updated his truck schedule on the site. You can check it out here

Rockingham, Kansas, Michigan (8/17), and Chicagoland.

Race Schedule Subject to Change without Notice.

We also have a few of his NW races also posted.
will there be more added? i hope more then only 3-4 NW & truck races

also i though hertz was doing the October Charlotte cup race too?
Joey would be 24th driver to win in all 3 major series when he wins SundaySmile
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