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Full Version: Sprint Unlimited - Saturday, February 16, 2013 - Daytona Race Talk
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The Sprint Unlimited at Daytona International Speedway (2.5-mile superspeedway, Daytona Beach, FL)

No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford Fusion driven by Joey Logano

Saturday, February 16th, 8:10pm ET

Primary Chassis: 651
Brand new chassis for 2013 (did not test at Daytona)
Backup Chassis: 648
Brand new chassis for 2013 (will also serve as Daytona 500 backup)


“Like everyone else, you spend the off-season trying to get away from everything, but all you end up doing is thinking about racing. At least that is all I end up thinking about. I got a chance to go to Kuwait and Germany to visit our troops as part of a USO Tour, but pretty much the rest of the time I was thinking about or working on this coming season. I’ve learned you never stop. If you want to be great, you never stop. And coming over to Penske Racing, there were a lot of things for me to do. I just want to get going. All of us just want to get going. So this weekend couldn’t have gotten here any faster.” – Joey Logano


“I think it’s a great idea to get the fans more involved. They are the reason we are here. They buy the tickets to watch us race. They support our sponsors and that is why the sponsors want to be involved in the sport. They are the most important people to us and for our sport. So it is an interesting way to do things. I just hope they look at the options and pick what will be the best show. They will want to pick probably what sounds the coolest in their mind, but they need to make sure the show will be the best from a racing standpoint. But in the end, we will race with what they decide. We just have to live with it and make the best choices that we can from what we are given.” – Joey Logano


“Your goal coming into every season should be to win every race and win the Championship. But you know that winning every race isn’t realistic. There are too many talented drivers and race teams out there. So in the end, I just want to go out there and be competitive, run up front and have a shot to win races on a regular basis. If you win some races, getting into the Chase and running for the championship will take care of itself. In reality, that is what we all want – a championship.” – Joey Logano
Put up or shut up season! Go Joe
It would funny if the fans vote to eliminate drivers and junior is one of them since the majority are junior fans lol. Done in by your own people junior..what a shame. Lol
Sometimes when I think of Joey's cup struggles I remind myself.."Hey, I used to cheer for Reed Sorenson" then everything is all betterSmile
(02-15-2013 05:53 AM)Canadian Joey Fan Wrote: [ -> ]Sometimes when I think of Joey's cup struggles I remind myself.."Hey, I used to cheer for Reed Sorenson" then everything is all betterSmile

Oh that's so sad!
i like how they blamed him for the wreck 3-5 until someone remembered the change.......
I cannot wait till tomorrow! I have a feeling he is going to win it!
This is a good season, I can feel it!
Go Joey! Big Grin
Yes, I heard the announcer say it was Joey who caused the wreck,,,,,yes, #20,,,,ooopppss Matt Kenseth!!!! My heart stopped for a minute,,,,,,gws
Car looked solid. Play it safe than go after it!
3rd place finish!!!
Good start to the season!
If he would it made his charge sooner, he would have beat Harvick! And go for a win! Big Grin
Still happy! Next up...the 500!!
Go Joey!
Good start for Joey, happy he beat seems like riding next to Kenseth for part of the race would have made him nervous,,,,I know it did me.....have to get those thoughts out of my mind LOL gws
yeah decent run and beginning to his penske life
Good run for sure. Hey did. Anyone notice issues with during the race last night?
Yes, I noticed that there was way to much talking,,,,,and, they dwelled on Kenseth way too much.....and the loss of 6 cars because of the crash made the race a little boring.....IMHO.....what did you notice Canadien???gws
why no post-race interview or anything???
That was a solid start to the season. Good learning curve for Joey and others last night that you can't wait for last lap with the new car. However I also think with more cars out there things will change. However the Ford showed speed and Joey showed great poise. Let's get a solid Q run today and head off to Thursday. Great job Joey
Yes, great job by Joey,,,,,I also noticed the lack of interviews with the top 5 or so drivers, I suppose everbody was tired of talking by the end of the night,,,,I was tired of hearing it all after watching everything most of the day and night LOL......gws
so happy to see joey finish 3rd, isn't this his best finish in the shootout? hopefully we set more records this season
(02-18-2013 05:00 PM)3DoorsDown Wrote: [ -> ]so happy to see joey finish 3rd, isn't this his best finish in the shootout? hopefully we set more records this season

yes, last was 10th in 2010
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