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Full Version: Same treatment for Kenseth as Joey got?
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I am so glad knowing Joey is going to a team that has full support by their other driver. Brad K. wanted input on the new driver pick. And I believe, since him and Joey are friends, he got what he wanted. Skies the limit with these two young guns. They CAN and WILL dominate the Cup series like Gordon and Johnson have done for Hendrick. The pressure of complete BS at JGR will finally be over and Joey can relax knowing that he is #1A(Brad #1) at Penske. Instead of feeling like the 3rd wheel at JGR. For a teammate to say that he wouldn't even give Joey the time of day, until this year, for info. Says to me, that he has been a speed bump that needed removed for the last two years. Thanks Hamlin for that info. Now we all know how Joey was treated and looked at as a JGR driver. And don't even get me started about Zippy! That's a joke within itself! With that said, how will Kenseth be treated? A 3rd wheel? Or a team leader? Or who really cares? But I will say this... If the bottom falls out at JGR as it has appeared to do at times this year. I mean, after all, KB and DH are two of the biggest cry babies in the sport! Then Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and Matt Kenseth can all look at Joey Logano and say, he was the smartest JGR driver. Because he got out and went to a real team that treats their drivers as equals and turns them into winners. Not play favorites because someone had a bad day! And you gotta kiss their ass to make them feel better. A trend that's been going since Joeys been there. I can't wait for that 22 to win the Sprint Cup and make JGR realize they made the biggest mistake EVER, in their 20+ years!
I think Matt Kenseth will be treated differently. Kenseth has a championship to his name so that alone will make for different perceptions. It is very possible that Kenseth might become the number one driver over at JGR. He will be the only one with a championship to his name. I think Joey was never taken too seriously because he was seen as a new kid on the block, the rookie.

What do I hope happens? I hope Kenseth flops in the 20 car next year, thus proving that the 20 team had underlying issues.
You may be right. But with a Kyle Busch attitude and a Denny Hamlin, I was here first. Kenseth will walk into a day care center and have to throw his I'm older than you speech at the children. I just think these talents will clash when one does better than the other. Especially if Kenseth does. And this will implode JGR faster than it already is. Joey was smart to get out of there. Just wished he hadn't been the doormat from the start. Zippy killed him, mentally. And it showed. This change will be welcomed. And I agree with you on the 20. I'd like to add that Joey finishes higher in points next year over the 20 as well.
Speaking of Zippy, do you all think Jason will go with Joey to PR? I hope he does, because he is great for Joey. Personally, I don't see Kenseth doing anything specially in 2013. I think the problem is deeper than the driver with the Home Depot car.
It'd be nice. JR and Joey seem to be doing well together. And who knows what another year together will do for them. Wouldn't shock me if Kenseth brings one with him. But we'll see. Like the ole' saying goes... Money talks....
Matt Kenseth is going to be fine. He will make the chase in the home Depot car mark my words. BUT so will Joey.
Yeah. I think it would help Joey to have JR for another year. It's hard to "click" with a new crew chief during the first year.
The longest part of this wait will happen after Tuesday when we will know for sure Logano is out and were waiting to see where he lands
This isnt a hammer Kenseth site so lets be cautious lol. Kenseth will be in the chase and steady as ever. He will succeed for all and it is a good move for HD. But frankly I don't care what he does in the 20, I care about Joey.
As for Ratcliff, I think he is a JGR guy and will stay. I think it would be difficult for him going to PRS since they are going to Ford. I would like to see a Ford guy be Joeys CC. Who that will be is important. I can say this, if we get one as good as Paul Wolfe we will be in great shape
Well, I guess it is final,,,,goodby HD for Joey. As they say, "things happen for the best" If Joey was getting treated that badly then I am glad he is moving. Yes, who cares what Kenseth does next year, I hope he bombs....gws
Lol...I just have to laugh when people make these assumptions that a specific car is always going to have the same equipment and all the equipment is evenly spread throughout the team. Look at it this way, when Stewart was there, it was the Stewart show, he and his team were #1, when Joey got there, he was #3 on the totem pole. Same as if you look at Hendrick. Every year there will always be a team with them that gets the shaft. Look at the 88 team, they were mediocre at best until they moved the team around and started putting more focus on him and it has shown. Joey may not be close to a Jimmie Johnson as far as talent or experience, but he is a lot better than people give him credit. I also predict that he will do better at Penske than at Gibbs. I think he has a much better shot at making the Chase being a #2 driver than a #3 driver within an organization.

To add: If you don't believe me, ask anybody that has worked on a multicar team and they will say the same thing. My friends dad works in the Nationwide Shop at Gibbs and I go down there from time to time and go to several races in the pits and I can tell you first-hand that the difference between two teams within an organization is much greater than you may think. Yes all the cars are built under the same roof, have the same technology. But the amount of work that goes into one over the other is just crazy. I don't think Brian Scott is as bad as he has shown either, He is the one that gets the shaft in the NW shop. Hell the car Joey ran at Texas this year that ran like ass, Joey's team refused to run it anymore so it is now one of Brian's cars. I think Brian will do well this weekend because he is going to be in the 18 Car team for Richmond. He will still be the 11 but the crew, car, etc, is all going to be what Joey or Denny would get weekly. I predict a top 5 from Scott this week. Gibbs has finally decided they want to see if it is the cars/crew/driver that is the cause for poor performance in the 11 NW car this year.

I think Matt has a lot more experience than Logano so even being the #3 team I think he will do quite a bit better than Joey did in the car this season. But I do not think he will have the same shot at a championship as he does in the 17 this season. It will probably take a couple seasons for them to give Matt what he needs to be a championship contender.
Denny just said that it hasn't been till' this year that they've started using some information from Joey, which is understandable. In the beginning a rookie is going to be depending on the rest of the team for information and so on until he figures it out. Denny was just saying he feels Joey is at the point now where he has been contributing alot more and he feels confident using his advice and information about the cars.

Joey and Brad will be an interesting combo. Hopefully they can build off of each other and elevate both their teams.
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