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Full Version: Upgrades Implemented today to the Server
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You may or may not have noticed that the website was temporarily down today, that was because I was performing upgrades to the server that this website is hosted on.

If you want the technical jargon, the operating system was reloaded, a better server management system was implemented, MySQL version was updated, PHP version was updated.

The great news is with the upgrades to the server its going to allow me to add some more features to the forum in the future. Also the other good news is, that the forum does seem to be faster than before! Do you notice that as well?

I don't see any errors at the moment, but as always with any sort of upgrade, there can sometimes be errors, If you guys notice any errors on the forum since the upgrade, please send me a private message on here, and I'll try to get that squared away.
On another side note, I've implemented the 'like' button feature back into the forum, the stats from before are still there.
Yeah, i noticed the site was down today, it didn't take you long to reinstate, good job Jean, I know we will like it more and it does seem faster,,,,,thanks, gws
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