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Full Version: Joey Logano Redbull #20 Car
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If Edwards goes to Joe Gibbs Racing next year, my prediction is that Logano will be sponsored by Red Bull in 2012. Joey would still drive for Joe Gibbs Racing but would be the 4th car. Why do I think Redbull would sponsor Joey? Because, Red bull likes young and aggressive guys in every sporting event that they sponsor. In my opinion, Logano would be a perfect fit for Redbull.

Personally I would love Red bull as a sponsor for Joey! I am really excited about the prospects of a young guy like Joey driving for Red Bull in NASCAR. I would definitely be cheering for Joey as a Redbull driver.

What do you guys think?
Possibility although how does that affect NOS sponsorship which is already in existence at JGR? Wouldn't be a bad fit and Joey will need top 35 points and could get them from one of the 2 Red Bull cars. #20 though won't be the number as I think HD is going keep it with Carl.
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