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Full Version: Joey Shoulda Won Last Night!
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&& I'm definatly not the only one who thinks so.
I go along with that theory!!!
What alot of people don't understand is this... put you're self in Joey's shoes, with 7 laps to go. You are leading the race, you are inside the cockpit of the car, and from Joey's point of view the 83 put him in the wall and took him out of the lead. Okay now Joey's heart is beating, and hes unhappy with the 83, most racers are going to go hard and try to get that lead back.
What's more disappointing is that nascar has scored him under the 40th spot for the race finishing position. I guess Ron Hornaday's move was brushed over.
On a lighter note, this was the best Pace Car ever!

I totally agree with you Jean.
About the ending && the beginning.
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