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Full Version: New Forum Look
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What do you guys think of the new forum look? Any thoughts, suggestions, etc?

On a side note... for those who wish to view the forum under the old forum look, I will be creating that theme for you guys this weekend, which you can change to by doing the following:

1. Click on User CP
2. Click "Edit Options"
3. Look for "Board Style" and change from there.
Jean are we still going to have the like button?
(10-25-2010 03:07 PM)JoeyLoganoFan Wrote: [ -> ]Jean are we still going to have the like button?

Yes, that will be implemented back in this weekend at the latest Big Grin
If anyone notices any bugs, problems, mistakes, etc please let me know by simply sending me a PM or you can reply here.
Looks awesome!
i love it!!!
Update on the Like Button: Spent a few hours this weekend working on getting the like button back on the forum, the bad news is that it is going to be a while before it's implemented back again, the good news is that the stats should still be retained once I get the chance to look further into it. Rest assured though I will try to get the like button back on here! Big Grin It's just going to take more time than I anticipated.
Luv the new site, nice bright contrast. gws
I love it! It was time for a re-vamp :]
Love the new site. It was refreshing to see after not being around for a while! Very nice Smile
wow it funny how fast u get used to it
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