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Full Version: Truck Series
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Well my next door neighbor is a good friend of mine, The reason i even got in to watching Racing. Is gonna be in the truck race at orp she'll be racing for Billy Ballew in the #15. Shes done very well at local tracks around here, Went to 8 races last year here and she had won 6 of them. She also beat out Kyle Busch, Brian ickler in one of the races. She had tested in a short track over in Georiga, She had a faster lap then drivers testing the Nationwide series there. So for people who watch the truck series should watch out. She should have a good run.
Just read about her and she is getting testing help from Almirola. Hope to see her do well. I love ORP.
That's really cool, she should have a great truck under her, best of luck to her! Smile
WOW! That's amazing! I wish her the best of luck, but by the sounds of it - she doesn't need any!
I really hope she does well!!!!
That's extremely exciting for her--- and you, to have such an up close and personal vantage point. It's great to see successful female drivers earning respect the right way-- through outdriving the competition, not outposing them.
qualified 15th and ended the race 17th pretty good for a first start
She's waited a Long time for her chance.
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