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Wake up FORD!!!
10-01-2017, 07:48 PM
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Wake up FORD!!!
Okay, enough is enough. What the heck is going on at Ford Racing Division??? Is anyone awake at the wheel? Why not just hand Toyota the trophy NOW!! Your cars can NOT compete with the Toyotas. You have reduced the Ford drivers to second tier, 11 to 25th place in points or there about.

Where do the Fords finish ? Behind the Toyotas!

Brad K, Kevin H, Joey L, Kurt B, Ryan B, and others are premium drivers capable of winning many races. They have disappeared at the front of the races. They should be leading the races.

Speed is very important and can over come other deficiencies. Where has the Ford speed disappeared to? The car crew have not become stupid over night.

I wonder how happy Smoke is now that he changed to Ford?

Maybe Dodge should come back.

I am sick of seeing the "Rice Burners" leading so many laps and winning the races. Even their rookies are up front! YUK!!!

Capt Neilf
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