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This made me laugh
11-13-2009, 05:00 AM
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This made me laugh
There is a poll on asking about Kyle Busch possibly clinching a week early and is that bad for Nascar, to clinch a week early...55 % say yes it is bad for Nascar. Now not too long ago there was a poll asking if fans liked the chase or not and 55% said they liked the old way. So which is it? lol...either you want to see it come down to the final day or you don't because having championships clinched early in the season is what the old way is all about. Now Jimmie does have a big lead and probably will win but at least the possibility is there, he is 73 points ahead, he would probably be 273 under the old system. I've always said, you want to make the chase more exciting switch Homestead and the July Pepsi 400 race at Daytona. Start the season and end the season at Daytona. The one thing is because of the possibility of the 'big one" fans would stay tuned in right to the end inside of like it is now where the driver can just ride around Homestead and finish 17th place or whatever it would be if they had a big lead like Jimmie does. What better place too to crown a champion too then at Nascar's most famous track under the lights.

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