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Logano comfortable with life he's carved for himself
10-05-2010, 02:56 PM
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Logano comfortable with life he's carved for himself
Expectations launched him into adulthood, but he's loving where he is

By Jill Erwin, NASCAR.COM

Quote:Joey Logano knows he's not normal.

He hasn't been anonymous since Mark Martin began dropping his name as the "next big thing" back in 2005, saying he'd put Logano in the No. 6 Ford when he left it if he could. Logano's nickname is Sliced Bread, because he's the best thing since.
So when you ask him if he feels all the early pressure weighed on him and perhaps cost him a part of his childhood -- if he had to grow up too fast -- Logano shrugs it off.

"I'm not the average 20-year-old, but I wasn't the average 16-year-old either," Logano said. "I don't know how to party; I don't go out at night. It's just not me. A fun time to me is hanging out at the pool with your friends or going on the lake and tubing. At night, just getting a pizza and watching a movie. To me, that's a lot of fun.

"I don't need to go out and lead the glamorous life. I would rather go take an old car and cruise around town. It's just my personality. I don't think I'd be any different if I weren't Joey Logano the race car driver. I've never drank a thing in my life. It's just how I am and it's the way most of my friends are."

Logano may not hang with stars in Hollywood, but he's definitely striking out on his own. The 20-year-old closed on his first house last week, a three-bedroom house and pool he'll share with Coleman Pressley. It's nothing extravagant -- "I'm a cheapwad," he said -- but it's a chance to live with one of his best friends in a place he owns.

Logano hasn't burst on to the Cup scene in the way in which he might have been expected. He has seven top-fives and 18 top-10s in Cup, the majority of both those categories coming in this, his second full season.

Looking back, Logano said he can see now what Martin's support did in getting him here.

"When Mark was saying something like that, at the time I was like, 'Well, cool.'" Logano said. "I was a 14-year-old-kid, what did I know? But that was a career-maker for me. If not for that, I might not be here."

And where he is is exactly where he expected to be. He has been the youngest driver to win in Cup (19 years, 1 month, 4 days), Nationwide (18 years, 21 days) as well as both East and West divisions in the K&N Pro Series (16). He's always raced ahead of where he should have been, and said it's gotten to the point where even racing against people more his own age in Nationwide almost feels weird.

"I never raced against guys my age once I got out of bandoleros," Logano said. "It's cool to be out there, and in Nationwide there are kids my age. It makes it fun, but it doesn't make a difference to me. It doesn't matter if they're 80 or 4, as long as they're racing well, I like racing with them."

Which is not to say Logano hasn't been involved in some dustups. From the infamous firesuit comment about Kevin and DeLana Harvick to some heated words with Ryan Newman, Logano hasn't been shy about standing up for himself when he feels he's been wronged on the track.

In this age of "Have at it, boys," Logano has found himself answering for things with which he didn't always agree.

"I wanted to express my opinion, let people know how I felt," Logano said. "There were probably better times, but I was fired up. There are different ways you can handle those situations. I don't take back anything I said, don't take back anything I did, and I still feel the same way.

"I'd rather be the guy that stays out of the drama and wins all the races. I don't look for a fight or to get in a grudge match with somebody over stuff like that. It just happens."

Logano has had plenty of success in Nationwide after having to wait to make his debut until one week after his 18th birthday. He's racked up eight wins and 13 poles in 61 starts, and has finished in the top 10 in all but 12 of those starts. That's some domination.

But it's also a warning. Logano's success did not instantly translate into the Cup side and he said just now, two years in, is he finally starting to have things fall into place.

So he looks at those youngsters -- his age and older -- in the Nationwide Series with designs on going Cup racing. And he warns them with himself as an example.

"The biggest jump I've made in my racing career was from Nationwide to Cup," Logano said. "It is that much harder; it is unreal. You have to be spectacular in Nationwide to run well in Cup. It takes time and that's what's hard for the kids growing up now. It's harder and harder because time is money.

"You've got to realize you're racing against guys that dominated growing up too. To make it to that level, everyone has won a bunch of races, whatever the heck they're driving. I don't think any of [the Cup drivers] are bad drivers, and when you win, you know you're beating the best."
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10-07-2010, 09:34 PM
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RE: Logano comfortable with life he's carved for himself
This is a great article. Thanks for sharing!
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10-18-2010, 12:57 AM
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RE: Logano comfortable with life he's carved for himself
This is a great article. Thanks for sharing, Jean! You know, so many people are constantly working so hard to get to their "perfect life". And when you get's bliss. I think that's what Joey's feeling. He's achieved everything he has wanted to and more. I wish him all the best in the future!
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10-18-2010, 03:34 PM
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RE: Logano comfortable with life he's carved for himself
Very nice article. As a senior citizen, it is encouraging to see a young person with such a good head on their shoulder and not out doing crazy stunts or getting into trouble. I say, he had great parents and a super up-bringing. Not many of those around today. GO JOEY----May you stay forever young......Dylan
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