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06-11-2009, 02:46 AM
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I know you guys do most things better then us but Beer is not one of them lol. I have family is the USA and i've spent 4 Nascar races plus my honeymoon and first anniversary there. I know why you don't put the alcohal content on your's because it would be too embarrassing! lol. I was shocked that my wife could drink 3 tall boy cans at Michigan and be fine, here in Canada she's be on the floor after 1 and a half. You can't piss it out fast enough it's soo watered down. I'm just having fun, i have lots of Amercian friends and i love to visit but next time any of you are in Canada do yourself a favor, man up and buy some real beer. I do fine yours useful if i go out on a run it quinches my thirst it's like bottled water lol. Good thing it's cheapSmile So we got Beer and Hockey...that's it! lol

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