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5 Things You Should Know About NASCAR's New Nose
10-28-2010, 02:16 PM
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5 Things You Should Know About NASCAR's New Nose
Quote:[Image: sideview-new-nascar-nose.jpg]

Since its introduction during the 2007 season, NASCAR's new racecar (dubbed the "Car of Tomorrow") has seen several changes and improvements. In an effort to improve the way the cars handled at high speeds and in traffic, NASCAR replaced the rear wing on the back of the car with a simple spoiler blade that resembled the one used before 2007. In 2011, a new nose will make its debut in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Here are 5 things you should know about NASCAR's new nose:

#1: Smile, Your Braces Are Gone

As any parent knows, braces on your child's teeth mean several things: more money, more time, and unsightly metal. The same has been true of the braces on the front of our Sprint Cup racecars. In addition to the cost of parts, we know that in NASCAR time is money (both at the shop and at the track). The five splitter braces mean more time in the shop dedicated to positioning and installation. They also require teams to have parts and a plan ready at the track in the event that a brace breaks. Plus, the new nose means a more finished and refined look.

[Image: frontview-new-nascar-nose.jpg]

#2: A Smaller Splitter

The thin, but strong front splitter has gained a reputation for cutting tires and withstanding violent impacts. For 2011, the splitter remains a part of NASCAR racecars, but will be smaller in surface area by about 30%. It will no longer be adjustable (teams were formerly able to move the splitter forward or backward slightly). It is also almost completely covered by the new nose, but for an inch or so that peeks out at the bottom.

#3: Stronger Structure

The bracing and structure behind the new nose has been altered to keep everything in its proper place. The splitter hitting the race track means a big headache for the man behind the wheel and the crew chief in charge of fixing the handling issue. Additionally, the front noses still line up with the rear bumpers of other cars to prevent rear tires from being lifted off the ground in the event of contact.

#4: Minor Ventilation Changes

Though the option is still available, you will most likely no longer see a second grill opening in the dead-center of the bumper (where "Camry" appears). Openings for brake ducts will still be used on shorter tracks and road courses.

#5: Aerodynamics Don't Change Much

Compared to the old nose, the general patterns of airflow around the new nose are very similar. The goal is always to get more downforce on the nose of a car to help it stick the front tires to the track and turn better. Early indications are that the new nose will accomplish this (though there are many variables to consider when it comes to the way the air affects a car in the turns and in traffic). At high speeds even the slightest changes to the shape of a car affect it's handling.

Bonus: Easier Car Wraps
The new nose is very much like the one used on cars before the Car of Tomorrow. There is no longer an inset air dam below the front bumper. This means the paint schemes can have a more continuous design from the bottom of the nose to the top. It will also be easier for those wrapping the cars to line up design elements visually.

You can count on NASCAR's nose job to provide a new challenge for teams as well as an opportunity for us to uncover new ways of making our cars faster.

Source: JoeGibbsRacing
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11-01-2010, 11:24 PM
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RE: 5 Things You Should Know About NASCAR's New Nose
This was actually really interesting that they can change this and there's barely any change in aerodynamics.
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