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11-17-2013, 12:27 PM
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I know we have 1 left but hey, I am always looking forward. This season has been a lot of firsts for Joey and his future is bright. There is a lot to be excited for and I am pumped to be a Joey fan. As for racing, there are a few tracks I think Joey needs to work on. Plate races are a crap shoot so you take stats for what they are there. He needs to get better at Martinsville, Richmond, , Loudon period. Shorter flat tracks seem to be his achilles and even though he tested at all 3 of those tracks, the results still need some work. Saw a great deal of improvement at Atlanta, Texas and the road courses and would like to be a bit better at Darlington and Kansas. The rest, well I think Joey can win anytime he hits the track.
Racing luck can always be better as well. The one thing I saw for this team is when we were a rock, it was a top 5 to 10 car. However when it was off, they were terrible. Flat tires, wrecks, engine issues after rain seem to hit Joey the hardest. If we can turn mediocre weekends into 22-25 placefinishes, Joey eases is way into the chase every yearSmile Terrible weekends will come, hope though there are not as bad
Overall, Joey is just peaking. He showed what he can do to the racing world but what we have known for a long time. He is going to win many races and multiple championships. I am excited for 2014 and cant wait for Speedweeks!
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